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This has been a season of challenges.  I lost blackmanwithagun.com website twice (Jan 1 & 2) and Michael J. Woodland has been encouraging me to do video.  You’ll find two videos on our YouTube Channel, please subscribe to blackmanwithagun.tv.   






I have launched and started a ministry and podcast called http://SpeakLifePodcast.com.  You may have heard me mention it a few times already that I started in Oct 2017.  I am working on making it a full time nonprofit charity and helping people in our community.  I have been at it harder since the New Year started.  http://blanchardministries.com is where it is online.  Take a look.


Also been at work comforting those that are going through cancer.  One of my friends from the Marine Corps is having a really tough time and we are fundraising for him at http://gofundme.com/keithenglish .


SHOT Show in Las Vegas, is happening this week and I want to plug another buddies site that is bringing you all the showing goodness at http://gunsholsersandgear.com . 


Get peace of mind with http://USCCA.Blackmanwithagun.com  and don’t forget Crossbreedholsters.com if you want a CCW rig.


More later, and thanks for listening.


Shalom baby,




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