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Black Man With A Gun

Everybody fails, the best of us get back up.

The Black Man With A Gun Show ended after 14 years and 690 episodes but this journey continues.

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Rev. Kenn Blanchard is a USMC veteran, former federal police officer, CIA analyst, and Christian pastor, known internationally as the Black Man With a Gun.  A firearms instructor and gun rights activist for 30 years. A world traveled, lover of the Creator, and life.  He has published several books.  He is a student of guitar, lifelong motorcycle enthusiast and voice actor that has been podcasting since 2007. 

“If you’ve never heard of, listened to, or read Kenn Blanchard’s work, you owe it to yourself to do so. Kenn is a Reverend, a Vet, a man who’s worn a few hats, and knows a thing or two about guns and life. He’s interesting, insightful, entertaining, and sometimes challenging too in both making you think or disagreeing but he’s wise. Give him a listen.” -name redacted

Oct 17, 2022

This week I want to introduce to some and remind others about situation awareness.  The threats have been increasing among many groups.  You are probably in one of them.  Don't think being pro-gun is a talisman against getting popped in the head by a group of teens.  Are you paying attention?

Your Mind is Your Primary Weapon.

Col Jeff Coopers Color Code

"Are you a fat body?" - Losing weight and getting in shape for your next fight.

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Situational awareness literally means to be constantly aware of your situation. Now in terms of security, it means to be constantly aware of your security situation and identifying potential threats and dangerous scenarios. This sounds a bit stressing to be aware of risks and danger all the time, specially if you live in a high risk level neighborhood or city.

So we want to focus on how to achieve this awareness in a relaxed way.

Situational awareness is more a state of mind than a learned skill. This is important not only for security agents and corporations, but also and most important for individuals to learn how to identify criminal behavior and other dangerous threats around them so they can react accurately and defend themselves and others.

Cooper Color Code 

(4 Levels of Situational Awareness)

  1. Condition White: total unawareness. The news is full of these oblivious victims.
  2. Condition Yellow: a relaxed awareness, the optimal everyday state of being.
  3. Condition Orange: a specific alert has triggered your full attention. If you haven’t done it yet, thinking through your plan of defense or getaway happens here.
  4. Condition Red: ready to defend your life.