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Black Man With A Gun

This is the responsible gun owners' podcast.  Learn, discover and listen to one of the first pro gun podcast (since 2007) on the net.  Don't let the name of the podcast scare you. The name is to inspire not to incite.    

It’s not just about guns; its about the people behind the guns. This show is about all that shoot, own guns and fight to do so because of misinformation, politics, and racism. Freedom isn't free.  

Responsible Gun Owners, Family Friendly, Safety conscious.  Guns are a cultural part of America.  The topic is political but it’s not where we go with it.  There are some great people in this community and we share them with you, along with product reviews, advice and history. 


Nov 20, 2020

Consider hunting and farming in 2021

Interview with Dr. Tantillo, Hunter Safety and Ethics interview with Patrick Collins


Happy Thanksgiving.  No show next week. 

Nov 12, 2020

Unsolicited advice - 23 Things Good and Bad 

Old interview with 

Things to make you think. 


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Nov 5, 2020

Kenn talks about how some instructors can ruin the learning experience for a new shooter.

News: NY based manufacturers move south, Kimber, Remington...

SilencerCo wins an award

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