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Not a lot of fanfare on this episode but I am so thankful to you for being a part of this shows’ success. Michael J. Woodland shares what he saw at the SHOT Show this year and I talk about podcasting, and what I have learned about race and mindset since I have begun this journey.


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Back story of the National Rifle Association

"Man on the Street" Conversation with Michael J. Woodland

Crimson Trace conversation with Mike Faw

Conversation with Willes Lee, US Army Lt. Col (retired) NRA board member


Trying to start a group discussion and bring in those that feel that the NRA has missed the boat.  To do that I am going to show my “hand”.  I am a life member of the NRA and have been around some key characters like Forrest Gump.  Going to share some history of folks like Neal Knox, Joe Tartaro, John Aquilino, Harlon Carter, Tanya Metaksa, and Wayne LaPierre.  I have a conversation with friend and NRA board member (I support for reelection) Willis Lee.  But before all of that Michael shares his “man on the street” observations and perceptions with me.  Interview with Crimson Trace’s Michael Faw.


Long show. over an hour.










Thank you for the support.  Lets try.


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My gun community is awesome.  The listeners of this show are some of the best people I have ever met in the world.  You put up with a lot in the world.  On this episode we are talking gun business with Casey Betzold of www.anterisalliance.com Anteris Alliance, LLC. 


The making of a competition shooter, conversation with Michael J. Woodland - M-WTactical.com


And my personal thoughts about racism in our gun community, the divisions on social media, a clip from Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. and the truth about Willie Lynch.




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Michael J. Woodland of M-Wtactical.com interviews Trey Miller of Ghost Tactical podcast. Kenn has a conversation with author Dan Wos. 

Dan Wos is an American entrepreneur, author, musician and
NRA member. He is founder and President of House Detective
Inc., a home inspection and appraisal company serving many
markets across the United States. He is also an active real
estate investor.  He is the author of Good Gun Bad Guy







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