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Black Man With A Gun

Everybody fails, the best of us get back up.

The Black Man With A Gun Show ended after 14 years and 690 episodes but this journey continues.

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Rev. Kenn Blanchard is a USMC veteran, former federal police officer, CIA analyst, and Christian pastor, known internationally as the Black Man With a Gun.  A firearms instructor and gun rights activist for 30 years. A world traveled, lover of the Creator, and life.  He has published several books.  He is a student of guitar, lifelong motorcycle enthusiast and voice actor that has been podcasting since 2007. 

“If you’ve never heard of, listened to, or read Kenn Blanchard’s work, you owe it to yourself to do so. Kenn is a Reverend, a Vet, a man who’s worn a few hats, and knows a thing or two about guns and life. He’s interesting, insightful, entertaining, and sometimes challenging too in both making you think or disagreeing but he’s wise. Give him a listen.” -name redacted

Apr 25, 2023

This week I want to honor a friend and announce a move.

Congratulations to Rick Ector on his recent appointment to the NRA Board of Directors.  I personally know how much this means to him and know he will do the best he can as a representative of firearms trainers, counselors, and gun rights activist.  The guy has been focused and determined to save the lives of people in his home state of Michigan, especially the cities and women. He has single handedly created a space for women of color to get exposed and familiar with firearms in an untraditional environment.  As a gun rights activist, Rick is a force of nature. He could become a politician if he weren't so nice, respectable, and honest.  He often credits me for getting him involved but Rick didn't need me, I just fed the spark he had and it turned into a blaze. He is proof that determination, and positive thinking can do great things.  Having a positive attitude means you have an optimistic outlook. That guy has taken the Second Amendment and the gun rights community to the level it should be.  He has optimism.  He has hope. He believes that if he keeps chugging on things will work out well.  Being voted on the board of director for the National Rifle Association is a bigger deal to Rick that the rich and famous peers with him. I am proud to call him a friend. Like he says, "True Story."




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